Vancouver Robson



Used House of Vintage 1008 Robson St. Vancouver The newest addition to the Used House of Vintage family, and the largest vintage clothing shop in Canada opened on Robson St. in the Fall of 2012! Robson has not seen anything this cool since its kitsch days in the 70s and 80swhen it was known as the German themed street dubbed ‘RobsonStrausse’. We have been hoarding all the best vintage pieces in our collection in preparation of filling our Robson store with the best of the best in vintage fashion, ‘objects de junk’, and our own resewn collection lovingly crafted in the deep recesses of East Van. But wait, there’s more! Used Robson os so much more than the biggest and best vintage store in Canada, get ready for art, music, and cultural events not seen since the last leiderhosen-wearing oompah band played their last Heino cover and Robson was taken over by corporate flagships….RobsonStrausse is about to get its Kitsch back!